Who are we ?

RMC 783 is a Brussels model railroad club, the premises of which have been located since 2009 in the Saint-Guidon/Sint-Guido metro station in Anderlecht. The goal of the club is to build several layouts allowing its members to run their rolling stock of different systems and scales. 

We have:

  • a large H0 layout which occupies a room of 60m² and includes 250m of tracks (30% alternative current (Märklin), 70% direct current); 
  • a H0m layout of de 850 x 70 cm; 
  • a new layout in N which is currently under construction;
  • a workshop with all sorts of tools (saw, soldering iron, etc.); 
  • a library with model train magazines to which the club is subscribed.

Where does the name RMC783 come from ?

Originally, the club was dedicated to the Märklin system. All H0 locomotives manufactured by Märklin had a reference 700 or 800, then a reference 3000.
Hence our predecessors had the idea to name their association Rail Model Club 7-8-3!

When was the club created ?

We should look for the origins in our archives…. when we have the time !

We know that the club was located in Ixelles/Elsene during the 70s, and that it moved to Woluwe in the early 80s.
Then the club met in a room in the Anneessens metro station (Brussels-center), and finally since 2009 we have our current premises in Saint-Guidon (Anderlecht).

Where is the club RMC-783 situated ?

We are located in two underground premises located in the Saint-Guidon/Sint-Guido metro station, on line 5 of the Brussels metro. Unfortunately these premises do not have any public access. This means that visiting our premises is only possible by appointment with one of the members.

Is it possible to visit the club to get to know each other ?

Yes of course !
Members generally meet on Tuesday evening around 8 p.m. to work on the layout (sometimes), to run their trains (often) or simply to have fun with friends (always).
Of course it is always possible to come and see us, but you must first make an appointment because our premises are in a non-public area of a metro station.
Do you have a model train layout at home?
Or do you have one or a few model trains at home, but not enough space to build a layout?
In both cases do not hesitate and contact us without delay….

E-mail: Send us a message !

0485/42 67 94
0474/46 79 45
02/515 29 57 (Tuesdays from 20h00 until 22h00)

Metro Saint-Guidon (Line 5 of the STIB/MIVB), Anderlecht, Brussels-Capital Region (Tuesdays from 20h00 until 22h00)
A visit is possible, but by appointment only !